Logistics Health T/A Safety In Focus aims to make your workplace “the safe place to be!”.  We continue to provide a variety of professional injury prevention and safety services and aim to be a resource for you in dealing with your workplace health and safety needs. We are a leader in providing rural communities with professional health advice, wellbeing programs and exceptionally trained health professionals to support the North & Far West townships in NSW. 

Safety In Focus has been operating for over 15 years with experience in working with people and employers in rural communities. We are very aware of individual rural health needs, the difficulties in sourcing qualified and suitable allied health professionals and services. We understand the importance of supporting employers in rural areas by helping them keep their workers healthy and supporting them when in time of need when workers are unable to return to work due to injury or illness.

Contact our office on 02 6792 2342 or email admin@safetyinfocus.com.au and our office staff will be happy to discuss your workplace needs.





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